Water Birth Unit

As Aydın Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital, we offer an alternative birth support to our maternal canditates.

In addition to accompanying painless normal birth, we offer alternative birth support to our pregnant women who wish. Wouldn't you like to have a comfortable birth process with your spouse and family members in a quiet, peaceful and comfortable room filled with warm water in our private birth pool? It is an alternative birth process application that is followed up in a pool or bathtub filled with water at 36-37 ° C, accompanied by Specialists and Midwives. Warm water at 36-37 ° C eases the secretion of endorphin hormone, which relaxes the body, and reduces the tension of labor. Warm water allows the mother to move comfortably. Birth, which is easier for the mother, becomes easier for the baby, because the baby receives the hormones secreted by the mother directly. Due to the increased blood circulation of the mother, it is advantageous for the baby to have more oxygen delivered to the baby and to experience less problems with breastfeeding during the newborn period.

Those who want to give birth with the Water Birth Method can visit our Hydrotherapy

Accompanied Labor (HET) unit and get information by attending the Pregnancy School trainings on the subject. You can get detailed information from 0 (256) 2122300 or 3138.