Medical Genetics And Diseases Diagnosis Center

Our center serving the first center within secondary care institutions in Turkey.The Medical Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center aims to find solutions to genetic problems. In our center, under the leadership of Medical Genetics Specialist Dr. Savas BARIS, many genetic tests such as recurrent miscarriages, thrombophilia panel for diseases such as pulmonary embolism, Cystic Fibrosis Disease, Family Mediterranean Fever, Thalassemia, Infertility, Down Syndrome Screening tests can be performed and consultancy services to families and couples. are given. If there is a genetic disease in your family, you can learn about the risk of you and other family members with genetic counseling. During the genetic counseling process, patients at risk of hereditary disease or their relatives are informed about the consequences of the disease. The possibility of the person developing the disease is discussed. It discusses options available in treatment and family planning to avoid, prevent or cure the disease. This complex process is evaluated from diagnostic (real risk estimation) and supportive perspectives.